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"As a an educator in the Wakefield Public Schools for many years, it fills me with great pride to consider the inestimable contributions of the Wakefield Educational Foundation. I remember well the first group of devoted parents, community members, and educators that brought the mission of WEF to life. That mission continues today, stronger than ever. The grants presented by WEF enriched our students' learning experiences in ways that would not have been possible otherwise. The children of our schools continue to benefit from the dedication and commitment of the Wakefield Educational Foundation and we are grateful!" 

Dr. Kimberly J. Smith

Superintendent, retired 2018

​Wakefield Public Schools

1st Spelling Bee A Huge Success

The Cummings Foundation’s hallmark program is its annual $100K for 100 grant program, which WEF gratefully received in 2016.

One of the largest foundations in New England, Woburn-based Cummings Foundation has awarded more than $260 million in grants to Greater Boston nonprofits alone.

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WEF's National Honor Society Partners

We could not accomplish our goals with out the generosity of our supporters

Our National Honor Society Partners

"The Wakefield Educational Foundation has been a tremendous partner and resource to the Wakefield Public Schools.  WEF provides grant funding for innovative projects, enrichment programs, and needed materials for our schools.  The resources received through these grants allow our teachers to enrich our students’ learning experiences.  Over the years the Greenwood School has been the recipient of funding for our AuthorFest Week which allows us to bring authors and illustrators into school to share their craft with our young aspiring authors.  Classroom teachers have been able to enhance science curriculum bringing scientists and science programs into our school.  Our classroom libraries have been supported through WEF grants.  We could not provide such enriching experiences for our students without the incredible support of the Wakefield Education Foundation!  On behalf of the Greenwood School community we thank you for your continued commitment and dedication to our school."

Deborah Collura

Principal, retired 2018

Greenwood Elementary School

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"As a building principal, I have been so appreciative of the opportunities that WEF grants have provided for our teachers and students.  The WEF grants we have received have given our students a wide range of exciting experiences including authors visits, motivational guest speakers, local field trips, and hands-on learning experiences.  One grant, in particular this year, has supported our Tower Garden project where our teachers and students have grown vegetables and donated to our local food pantry.  WEF has truly supported our WPS mission of inspiring the love of learning in our schools!" 

Adam Colantuoni


Galvin Middle School 

"I have been an educator in Wakefield for the past 18 years and the Wakefield Education Foundation has funded numerous innovative and engaging student enrichment programs that have helped me enhance the educational experience of thousands of students at the Galvin Middle School. Last year, the entire seventh grade was able to experience a dynamic program on heat and temperature presented by the Museum of Science through a WEF grant. WEF also enhanced our Tower Garden program by providing us with two new Tower Gardens as well. A Tower Garden now resides on each level of the Galvin and they are available for teachers and students of all grade levels to experience real world applications in both science and math.  The entire Wakefield Public School community benefits from the rich educational experiences that WEF has provided us with year after year. ​" 

Christopher A. Gorski
Grade 7 Science Teacher
Science Olympiad Coach
Galvin Middle School

Our Story

Wakefield Educational Foundation (WEF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community-based organization dedicated to supporting and enhancing excellence in the educational experience offered to all students within the Wakefield Public School System.  Read more >

WEF has awarded grants totaling over $30,000 for the 2018-19 school year. Our goal is to continually raise funds to continue to provide such exciting grants, which this school-year include: 

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