​​Wakefield Educational Foundation

Increase fundraising dollars by 10% +
WEF has awarded over $320,000 in grants. Just over the last two years, grants awarded to our elementary schools included a large selection of Mathematical Literature at the Dolbeare School, funding to support the Greenwood Author Fest (a superb annual literary event held at the school), 
​Sensory Based Tool Kits at the Walton School, and “Top Secret Science” at the Woodville School. Various cultural arts, historical and literature
enrichment programs have been funded throughout the elementary school level.

Priorities for the 2017-2018 school year:

  • Increase fundraising dollars by 10% or more.
  • Recruit new members, maintaining 20+ active member per year. 
  • Retain and maintain continuity on the Board of Directors to ensure smooth operations and transitions within WEF.​
  • Utilize wisdom and historical knowledge to develop strategic initiatives to further WEF's growth.
  • Collaborate with our school district's leadership team to enhance visibility of WEF's value and mission within Wakefield Public Schools. 
  • Ensure all WEF members enjoy participating in WEF and promoting educational excellence in the Wakefield Public School System.
The Wakefield Educational Foundation (WEF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit  community-based organization dedicated to supporting and enhancing excellence in the educational experience offered to all students in the Wakefield Public School System. Run by volunteer Wakefield residents, we are supported by donations from local businesses, civic organizations and individuals in our community, and also by fundraisers that we conduct throughout the school year. 

​WEF provides grants to the Wakefield Public Schools for innovative and creative programs that are unable to be funded in the current year’s school district budget. Teachers, school staff, principals and PTOs are all eligible to apply for grants. Grants are awarded to those individuals and groups whose proposals best exemplify initiatives that impact a broad number of students, have long term creative and innovative educational benefits within our school system and contribute to educational excellence now and in the future within Wakefield Public Schools.

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