Walton School: Elias Anjim, Jacey Jewett, Kevin Manning, Grace McHugh

Woodville: Donna Avallone, Kristin Pellegrino, Dora Santaniello, Wendy Wallace

2016 Special Award Recipients

Dr, Kim Smith presented The Wakefield Community Award to Danielle Mackin and Deb Pond for their significant contributions to enhance the educational experience for our Wakefield students.  

The Impact Award went to Margo Perriello for her demonstration of the enormous impact one person can have in making a difference in our school community. 

The Excellence in Education Award went to Deborah Collura from the Greenwood School in recognition for her years of dedication and commitment to the students, staff and community of the Wakefield Public School System in creating a sound foundation for lifelong learning and achievement.

The Skulley Award was awarded to Sue Warden for her years of passion and dedication to supporting excellence in education.  

Dolbeare School: Lea Carangelo, Davius Chan, Corinne Dunlap, Theodore Lyle, Charlotte O'Neil, Sebastian Price, Thomas Stanley, Abigail Wojtaszek

WHS: Chris Constantine, Frank Stevensen, Joel Villegas, Susan Widmer

Grade 5: Andrew Almquist, Rowan Mondello, Evan Zeltsar

Grade 6: Ashley Crooker-Domey, Nicholas Knowles, Elizabeth Stevens

Grade 7: Anthony Amatucci, Casey Kowal, Amanda Patti

Grade 8: Paige Carlson, Braelyn McLaughlin, Wildnide Jean-Mary

WHS Student Recipients

Greenwood: Tammy Milsky, Marci Seidman, Michael Swift

Greenwood School: Nadia Collins, Cooper Davis, Molley Forrest, Liam Wallace

Staff and Volunteer Recipients, as indicated by school

Dolbeare: Peggy Hagopian, Ada Moy, Amy O'Neil, Mike Scollo

Celebration of Learning 2016

Joseph Boudreau, Amanda Callahan, Sara Dardis, Taylor Guarino, Matthew Hoenig, Jackson Kehoe, Eleni Rizos, TJ Sellers, Brigid Scanlon, Madeline Shea

Thank you to all who participated in this wonderful night: the Celebration of Learning's 20th anniversary! Wakefield Educational Foundation took this opportunity to not only recognize the wonderful staff, students and volunteers from our community, but also to recognize and acknowledge all the past and present board members from the Wakefield Educational Foundation who have made it possible, year after year, to continue to bring to the forefront the students and staff who deserve recognition for all their achievements.  

Please visit our press page to see all the articles that have appeared in the local paper following the event.  Below is a sampling of photos from that night..

Galivin Middle School Student Recipients

Elementary Student Recipients as indicated by school

Galvin: Melissa Ellison, Ashleigh Fasulo, Kathleen Fenlon,
​Kienan Reilly, Gail Saponaro, Allen Therialut

Woodville School: Mia Burke, James Cerulle, Paige Daly, Erin Leary, Franklin Leone, Jason Pace

​​Wakefield Educational Foundation

Walton: Megan Anderson, Jean Maio, Alexandra McHenry,

Lisa & Paul Paglierani