Thank you to our sponsors!

WEF would like to take this opportunity to thank our 2015 local sponsors for their generosity in support of our special event:

Daniel S. Casper, Attorney

Christopher J Barrett Realtors


Robert H. Guida, Attorney

Hinchey Brothers Plumbing

M & R Plumbing

Brian D. McGrail, Attorney

One-on-One College Consulting

Orthodontics by Design

Roberto Landscaping

The Savings Bank

John Spino, Attorney

Tarpey Insurance

Wakefield Cooperative Bank

2015 Special Award Recipients

Dr. Stephen Zrike honored WEF’s Special Award recipients, Dr. Eileen Woods, Dennis O’Leary and Therese Jarmusik for their significant contributions to enhance the educational experience for our students.

The Impact Award went to Dr. Eileen Woods for her demonstration of the enormous impact one person can have in making a difference in our school community. 

The Excellence in Education Award went to two recipients: Therese Jarmusik from the Galvin Middle School and Dennis O'Leary from Wakefield High School. 

Both were recognized and honored for their years of dedication and commitment to the students, staff and community of the Wakefield Public School System in creating a sound foundation for lifelong learning and achievement.


Celebration of Learning 2015 

Wakefield Educational Foundation (WEF) recently held its 19th Annual Celebration of Learning Ceremony and Reception at the Galvin Middle School Auditorium. The evening honored students, staff, volunteers, community and Wakefield Public School staff members that make our schools great! Pictured are all students, staff and volunteers that were honored by their school principal for exemplifying the core values of their respective schools and showing positive effort and attitude.

Fourth graders from each of the elementary schools were congratulated by principals Deborah Collura, Margo Perriello, Dr. Eileen Woods, Michelle Zottoli and Dr. Maureen Hughes. The students were recognized for exemplifying the core values of their respective schools. Marvin Blanco, Caroline Guanci, Sabrina Rogers, Jackson Wyatt, Leith Jones, Sara Nemec, Meghan DeCourcy, Joey Boudreau,  Isabella Schwartzberg, Añia Jacob, Molly Berinato, Matthew McCoy, Spencer Little, Sam Halprin, Paige Arkinstall, Alexander Bedrosian, Merilee Jewett, Daniel McNeill, Emily Vicente, Isabelle Buckley, Emma Fitzgerald, Logan Theriault, Marcus Conte, and Jonathan Courtright.

Galvin Middle School students were recognized by their principal Mark Bedrosian for exemplifying the core values of their school which include Commitment, Achievement, Respect and Enthusiasm. They were: Kaylee Lamberti, Yana Herzog, Allyson Wight, Lilyan Elizabeth DeFeo, Joseph LeBlanc, Jack Penney. Back: Emmy Allen, Jack Callahan, Jacob Bassett, Brandon Johnson, and Mason Parece

Wakefield High School students were recognized by their principal Richard Metropolis for their academic excellence, leadership and service to their school community.They were:  Senila Yasmin, Elizabeth Germino, Maeve Conway, Jillian Raso, Shannon Quirk, Alexander Flynn, Akash Altman, Jackson Gallagher, and Marissa Hoffman.

Faculty members across the district were recognized for their dedication to the ideals of educational excellence and their abilities to make learning an enriching experience for all students.

Honorees were Jim Martin, Chris Gosselin, Beth Hughes. Richard Bardet, Sharon Yandell, Kathleen Howe, Janice Gregorio, Chrisopher Sousa, James Jellison, Donald Pike, Amy Sweeney, Kristin Dunlap, Pam Roberts, Sheila Junta, Andrea Braham, Kaitlyn Lusk, Kelly Qualey, Kelli Skinner, Alyson Smith and Kristen Donald, .  

Several volunteers were recognized for their generous support of and commitment to the students and staff of the Wakefield Public Schools. Honorees were Cathy Wensley, Kristin Collins, Christine Gori, Heidi Zeltsar, Keri Melanson, John McDermott,, Amy Lynch and Holly Lannen,  .

Community members  These awards are presented to members of the community of Wakefield for their tireless work in charitable causes that impact families and students in Wakefield in a positive fashion. Individuals who receive this award, are nominated by other members of our community, and are typically unsung heroes and heroines who make it their mission to better the lives of those in need. The recipients were Andrew Bray, Donna Cushman and Scott Hartman.


The event ended with many thanks being extended for making the evening possible. The very talented Culinary Arts students from the high school, under the direction of Susan Lacey, prepared and served a delicious meal and desserts, local favorite Natalie Joly entertained the audience with her beautiful voice and the Wakefield High School Jazz Band, led by Tom Bankert, provided fantastic music for the evening. Special thanks were given to Sue Worden and her WEF team for organizing this event and to Dr. Stephen Zrike for his support of WEF and the students of Wakefield Public Schools.

​​Wakefield Educational Foundation