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WEF Dollars At Work - Lively Letters

"The Wakefield Educational Foundation has been a tremendous partner and resource to the Wakefield Public Schools.  WEF provides grant funding for innovative projects, enrichment programs, and needed materials for our schools.  The resources received through these grants allow our teachers to enrich our students’ learning experiences.  Over the years the Greenwood School has been the recipient of funding for our AuthorFest Week which allows us to bring authors and illustrators into school to share their craft with our young aspiring authors.  Classroom teachers have been able to enhance science curriculum bringing scientists and science programs into our school.  Our classroom libraries have been supported through WEF grants.  We could not provide such enriching experiences for our students without the incredible support of the Wakefield Education Foundation!  On behalf of the Greenwood School community we thank you for your continued commitment and dedication to our school."

Deborah Collura,

Principal, Greenwood Elementary School



"The Wakefield Public Schools is thrilled to partner with WEF, an organization that is also committed to innovative and rigorous learning experiences for students.  The resources, support and advocacy provided by WEF allows our educators to introduce cutting edge and dynamic practices in our classrooms.  It is a privilege to align ourselves with an organization that is exclusively focused on better serving the children of Wakefield​." 

Dr. Stephen Zrike,

Former Superintendent

"As a an educator in the Wakefield Public Schools for many years, it fills me with great pride to consider the inestimable contributions of the Wakefield Educational Foundation. I remember well the first group of devoted parents, community members, and educators that brought the mission of WEF to life. That mission continues today, stronger than ever. The grants presented by WEF in 2012-13 school year enriched our students' learning experiences in ways that would not have been possible otherwise. The children of our schools continue to benefit from the dedication and commitment of the Wakefield Educational Foundation and we are grateful! " 

Dr. Kimberly J. Smith,


Our Story

Wakefield Educational Foundation (WEF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit  community-based organization dedicated to supporting and enhancing the excellence in educational experience offered to  all students in the Wakefield Public School System. 

We are focused on providing much needed educational resources to Wakefield's Public School students. Check out some of our fundraising and upcoming events!

Upcoming Events

WEF awarded grants totaling over $23,000 in the 2016-2017 school year. Our goal is to continually increase fund raising throughout the year to continue to provide such exciting grant amounts. Examples of  Grants awarded include:

  • Executive Grants (> $1,250)
    Creative Coding with Tynker
    Theatre Arts
    Museum of Science Traveling Programs
    Outdoor Science Classroom

  • Program Grants (< $1,250)
    Tech Integration Computer Build
    Geography Gameshow
    Lively Letters
    ​Boot Camp

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